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Supplemental Information
On February 21, 2006 a formal Amendment to the original Site Development Plan (SKP-04-010/Bennet Ranch at Woodmen Hills Sketch Plan Amendment
Tax Schcdule #42322-02-002 & 42312-01-002) was submitted by Woodmen Hills Metro District. The purose of the amendment was to: 1) rename Filing 11B (4th Letter of Intent). And 2), to increase the density from 873 to 1000 homesites. The 4th Amendment of the Letter of Intent specifically states the following:

This request is for a Sketch Plan, PUD Development Plan and Preliminary Plan Amendment. On the Preliminary Plan/PUD Development Plan approved by El Paso County in 2001, a note was added which stated that "Final Platting of 23 lots shall not occur until Final alignment of Stapleton Road." These lots were located within the focus of this request. In addition, to the north of these 23 lots, also included in the focus area, was Tract J, a parcel of land designated as a landscape and ipen space area. This request is to reconfigure these 23 lots and Tract J into 176 lots, one neighborhood park and a 10-acre school site.

As part of the approval granted by the BOCC on October 11, 2001, for PUD 04-001, a total density of 873 dwelling units was established for Woodmen Hills Filing 11, which included the 23 lots. As part of this application, it is requested that the total density be increased to 1,000 dwelling units as shown below:

873 units etablished
- 23 units identified east of Tract 14
+ 150 units requested (The Metropolitan Club)
= 1,000 total units

Source: Revised 4th Letter of Intent, Metropolitan Club (Filing No. 11B) - (Formerly Woodmen Hills Filing No. 11B) Sketch Plan, Planned Unit Development, Preliminary Plan dtd October 11, 2005 emphasis added.
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