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Assessments Q&A | Metropolitan Club HOA

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ASSESSMENTS: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q). How much are the Quarterly Assessments?
  • A). Quarterly Assesments are $50.00 per quarter.

  • Q). What does the $50.00 pay for?
  • A). $12.50 per month ($37.50) of the $50.00 pays for the Weekly Trash Service. TRASH "IS NOT INCLUDED" in the monthly UTILITY BILL with the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District.

  • Q). What is TRASH PICK-UP DAY?
  • A). FRIDAY (Place trash out on Thursday Evening or Friday Morning.

  • Q). Why arent QUARTERLY ASSESSMENTS higher?
  • A). From 2008 - 2016 Quarterly Assessments were $65.00. Upon assuming management responsibiliities in 2016, Quarterly Assessments were REDUCED to $50.00.

  • Q). Are the streets in the Metropolitan Subdivision PUBLIC or PRIVATE?
  • A). The SIX (6) streets within the Metropolitan Subdivision are MUNICIPAL STREETS. They are under the maintenance and control of the Falcon Highway District and the Woodmen Road Metropolitan District.

  • A). NO. Utility Payments (Water/Wastewter) are with the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District. Trash/Covenants are with The Metropolitan Club Homeowners Association HOA.

  • Q). Is The Metropolitan Club Homeowners Association a member of Filing Number 11?
  • A). From 2001 to 2007, The Metropolitan Subdivision was part of Filing Number 11 and was named as Filing 11B. In 2007, a WITHDRAWAL OF REAL ESTATE was filed by Falcon Properties LLP (the Declarant) and the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District releasing The Metropolitan Subdivision as part of Filing 11.

  • Q). How large is The Metropolitan Subdivision (Metropolitan Club HOA).
  • A). The total area that is The Metropolitan Club Homeowners Association encompasses a total of 48 acres.

  • Q). Does Metropolitan Club HOA own ALL OPEN SPACE within the 48 acres?
  • A). NO. There are a total of six (6) tracts of land within the Metropolitan Subdivision. Three (3) tracts are owned by the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District, one (1) is owned by School District 49, one (1) is owned by the El Paso County Parks and Recreation Department, and one (1) is owned by El Paso County.

  • Q). Are ASSESSMENTS and DUES the same thing?
  • A). DUES are VOLUNTARY. ASSESSMENTS are funds due for the repair, maintenance, and operations of the association for services received for the benefit of the association and property owners. As such, Colorado Revised Statutes prohibts any OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT BALANCES attached to a property from being CONVEYED to the Buyer from the Seller. ALL OUSTANDING INDEBTEDNESS MUST BE CLEARED AT THE TIME OF CLOSING.
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