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Vehicle Parking Restrictions
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Metropolitan Club Subdivision
Article XIII: Use Restrictions
13.9 Parking. No trailers, motor homes, camper units, boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles or similar recreational vehicles shall be stored or permitted to remain for more than three (3) consecutive days on any Unit (or the streets adjoining any Unit) except within enclosed garages, or within fully screened, fenced areas (for which the vehicle, boat or camper in question shall not exceed the height of the fence), as approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Without limiting the foregoing, the Architectural Control Committee or the Executive Board shall have the power to grant permission to store such vehicles on a Unit under such conditions as such entity shall deem appropriate to protect the rights of other Unit Owners in the Common Interest Community. In addition, no trucks, mobile homes, commercial vehicles, unused vehicles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles shall be kept, placed, stored, or maintained upon any Unit or on the Common Elements in such manner that such vehicle is visible from neighboring Units, the Common Elements or any road. Commercial vehicles engaged in the delivery or pick up of goods or services shall be exempt from the provisions of this section provided that they do not remain within the Common Interest Community in excess of the reasonable period of time to perform such commercial function. For purposes of this section, a three-fourths (3/4) ton or smaller vehicle, commonly known as a “pick-up truck” shall not be deemed to be a “truck” or “commercial vehicle.” The term “unused vehicle” shall mean and refer to any vehicle which has not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of four (4) days or longer. Furthermore, no Owner shall regularly park on or about a Unit (or on the streets adjoining any Unit) for more than three (3) consecutive days more than one (1) automobile, non-commercial pickup truck or other vehicle; it being the intent of this provision that Owners shall not regularly park more than one personal passenger vehicle outside the garage on such Owner’s Unit.

Metropolitan Club Subdivision: Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions
2.15. Commercial and/or Oversized Vehicles – A commercial vehicle is defined as but not limited to, a vehicle that has a business name or logo and/or has equipment attached to or is used for the purpose of providing services to an individual or corporation. An oversized vehicle is defined as a vehicle that cannot be parked within the garage. All commercial vehicles must be parked in the garage. Oversized vehicles or ungarageable commercial vehicles must have ARC approval to be parked in the driveway or the street. Such approval will be based upon, but not limited to, no more than one vehicle, effect on curb appeal, effect on safety, and effect on street traffic. No vehicle, whether commercial or oversized, shall be parked in such manner that it blocks the sidewalk. “All streets and safety protection facilities will be constructed in accordance with engineering and design requirements appropriate for the surrounding terrain, and shall be compatible with the standards of the County of El Paso, the Colorado Department of Highways, and other local political entities as may be appropriate.”
(Service Plan, Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District, page 9, 1995). r
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