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Woodmen Hills | Parks and Recreation Survey (Fy 2016)

Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District
Recreation Centers Study
In November 2016, the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District engaged the services of Ballard King & Associates LTD. for the purposes of conducting a homeowner Customer Satisfaction Survey. One of the responses from raises a simple question...

"don't charge residents who don't EVER plan on using YOUR money making facilities ..  we're not interested and will NEVER be interested .. make it a pay as you go event." (Source: Recreation Centers Study - Online Survey Results, Dtd November 11, 2016, Pg. 85)

1) Are the Recreation Services for the private use and benefit of Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District Only?
A) Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District has received funding from GOCO (The Colorado Lottery) and as such is a quasi-governmental entity. As such, any non-resident of Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District may use the facilities by merely paying the appropriate fees.

2) Is there a PERPETUAL LIEN relative to the collection of fees to fund the Parks and Recreation Facilities in Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District?
A) Yes. Resolution 1, recorded in the offices of the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder at reception number #099173660, which reads as follows:

"Section 4. The Park and Recreation Fee shall be a perpetual charge and lien upon all the property in the District upon which the fees have been imposed from the date the same becomes due and payable until paid, and such lien may be foreclosed by the District in the same manner as provided by the laws of Colorado for the foreclosure of mechanics' liens." (Source: Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District, Resolution No. 1, Imposition of Park and Recreation Fees, pg. 3)

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