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Payment Options

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Check or Money Order
Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to:

Metropolitan Club HOA
c/o Team Strategy Inc.
PO Box 26330
Colorado Springs CO  80936-6330

Online Bill Pay
A "FREE" or "Low Fee" service available from your online Bank and/or Credit Union (Bill Pay).
1) Access your online account.
2) Select Bill Pay or Bill Pay Enrollment.
3) Account: Enter your physical address (i.e. 123 Smith Rd.)
4) Determine whether you desire a One-Time Payment or Recurring Payments.
5) Mailing Information: Mail Payments to the following:

Metropolitan Club HOA Inc.
c/o Team Strategy Inc.
PO Box 26330
Colorado Springs CO  80936-6330


Sign up for our quarterly Automated Paperless Invoicing program. Each quarter invoices are E-mailed to homeowners. Simply select one of the two available links: 1)Credit/Debit card, or 2) Bank Transfer. By selecting the dedicated link your invoice will be directly credited to your account. The transaction will posted to your account immediately, and will appear on your account within 2-3 days. Save Time. Save Postage. Payments may be made 24/7 on any device that has internet access. Look for the information on the lower left-hand corner of your E-mailed invoice.

ACH Enrollment
Instructions: Print out the ACH Enrollment Form. Attach a blank check with the word "VOID" written on the face, or a Blank Deposit Slip. Mail, fax, or e-mail your completed application.

One-Time Payments

Telephone: Call our office to request a One-Time Payment via ACH (Automated Clearing House) or Debit/Credit Card.
Recurring Payments
Sign Up for Recurring payments via Bill Pay with your financial institution (see above).  You may also sign up for Automated Payments via our Automated Billing System. Monthly invoices are E-mailed to our clients. A unique link is supplied to the client. Simply select the link, provide the necessary enrollment information and make your payment via Debit/Credit or Direct Debit.

Metropolitan Club Homeowners Inc
PO Box 26330
Colorado Springs CO  80936-6330

Falcon Colorado

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