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For your convenience, Team Strategy Inc., in cooperation with the Metropolitan Club Homeowners Association Inc. Board of Directors, has implemented an Automated Invoicing System. With the Automatred Invoicing System, Unit Owners receive a quarterly Compiltation Statement and an  accompanying Invoice(s). Each Invoice, is assigned a dedicated algorithm that is assigned to a specific Unit Owners Address. Once entered into the system, each Unit Owner is simply required to provide an active E-mail address. Once instituted, a Unit Owner will a dedicated link assigned to each specific Unit.

Step 1): Complete the E-mail registration form below.
Step 2): Request an Automated Invoice.
Step 3): Upon receipt of the Invoice(s), select one of the Payment Options (Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account Transfer). Note: Individual Unit Owners may choose to make their payment without creating an Online account. If you choose to create an Online account, you may access these records 24/7 to review any payments, print-out invoices, etc.
Step 4): Make your payment.
Step 5): Upon making your payment, you will receive a computer generated E-mail Statement. This statement will contain your name, your address information, the date and time of payment, as well as a Batch Id number and a unique Transaction Id. Because this system does not allow for duplication of invoices, the odds of having your payment misapplied is greatly diminished. Each of the transactions are encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

NOTE: Payments are posted with the exact date/time that they are received. Once the funds clear our financial institution (usually 2-3 days) it will post to your individual Unit Owner account. By using this Automated Invoicing System, overhead costs are reduced, human error is diminished, and funds are received and posted in a more timely manner. Thereby, reducing overall printing costs, postage, imposition of fines and penalties, and legal/collection costs.

On -Line/On-Time Payments Only
Definition: Payments received not-later-than the 10th day of the first month of each quarter. Payment includes a 2.9% Processing Fee and a .30 Payment Transaction Fee. Fees do not include Association Mandated Late Fees ($15.00 after the 10th day of each month) and Interest Penalties (1.5%/18% per anum) per month after the 30th day)
Quarterly Assessments
On-Line Payments/Open Invoice Amounts
Quarterly Assessments ($50.00) due 1st day of each Month within Quarter. Payments are due January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.
Late Fees: $15.00 due after the 10th day of each month.
Interest Penalties: 1.5% (18% per annum)

NOTE: Enter any amount. Calculate Late Fees and Interest Penalties accordingly. For Example:

$50.00 + $15.00 = $65.00 + $.98 (1.5%) = $65.98.

Adjustments and/or Calculation Adjustments will be provided accordingly.

Association Assessments
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